Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Driver's Edge

WOW! It's been awhile since I've posted any pix...I've taken plenty, just haven't been posting. Here is a recent photo:

See how dirty that car is? That is because it has been slippin' and slidin' through a big ol' water puddle and purposely put into skids....over and over and over again. Why? Well, to teach teen drivers how to handle road emergencies! It is part of a FANTASTIC program called Driver's Edge.

It is FREE, only a four hour committment and I highly recommend it to every teen driver out there. My son feels like he learned so much from the experience AND he had a BLAST!

You can check their website to see if they are coming to a town near you this summer and if they are sign up as soon as you can because the slots fill up fast. If it does fill up before you get a chance to get in, be sure and sign up for the waiting list. That is what we ended up doing and we didn't think there was any chance at all Hank would get in, but they called us a couple days before the event with an opening!

Here is a video recorded from inside the car -- another perk of the program! They give the kids memory cards with videos of them in the car and, as you will see, you get views of THEM and what they were seeing. VERY cool!

Tomorrow, or as soon as I can find the time anyway, I'll post another pic and video from this event -- one showing them how the ABS feels when one has to slam on the brakes and how to avoid road hazards....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 34 -- What Would You Do With These?

These are leftover from our Valentine's Day Chinese take-out meal. I have quite an accumulation of these because I hate to toss them, but the recycling center won't take them (they only takes "1's" and "2s" -- these are "5's".

I've been trying to think of something to do with them. Things to store in them, ways to alter them into something else...anything.

Suggestions? (Other than to 'take-out' less -- we're already doing that LOL).

Not a P365 Pic -- Just An Amusing Video

If you're not into stockpiling food, then you may or may not find this as funny and cute as I do. LOL

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 33 -- Obi and Ralph

This is my son, Ralph and his girlfriend's iguana, Obi. The gf is in the pic, too, but she was already planning her escape from the camera! LOL

Day 32 -- Al Mowing

Even in February the grass needs to be mowed! Not every week, but every once in awhile.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 31 -- Yes, Spring Is On the Way!

That's my loquat tree with fruit on it already! Looks like it's gonna be a bumper crop again this year!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 30 -- First Sign of Spring!

Still haven't found that budding Dogwood tree I dreamed about last week --- but the Arizona Ash tree in my front yard is covered with new, young, pretty green leaves! Whoot!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 29 -- The Garage Sale Pile

Over the years I have accumulated so much STUFF that it is really time to let some of it go! Some of it I inherited from my MIL's house when she sold it a couple years back and some of it I have just grown tired of and want it to go to good homes.

This photo shows just a portion of what I'm putting in my garage sale tomorrow. There are three silk trees aka dust catchers! Several sets of king sized sheets (does anyone really need more than two sets? I don't think so)! Various kitchen appliances, a vacuum cleaner, some baskets, candles, artificial flowers and other household items going in this sale. Plus one entertainment center.

This is just phase one of my garage sale 'project'. There will be at least two more sales. One will feature homeschool stuff and the other craft materials and Christmas decorations! (Plus whatever Hubs pulls out of the garage and outbuildings that he wants to sell).

Wish me luck on Phase One of the Garage Sale Project. LOL

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Made 70 dollars and change today! What a thrill to make money AND rid my home of some of the suffocating clutter!

I sold all four sets of sheets, the vacuum cleaner, a floor cleaner that I'd forgotten I wanted to get rid of, one of the silk trees, a chair and a bunch of little stuff. Still have quite a bit left though. What I don't sell will be donated to Good Will -- it is NOT coming back into the house.

Here is a pic of the sale at the end of the day -- hope I have another good day tomorrow.

EDIT 2/14 -- Grand total is about $105!!! Not bad for a bunch of stuff that I didn't want or need! Sold almost everything! What is left is loaded in the car and I'm about to leave for Goodwill. Funny thing is though -- just as I put the last box in the car, two cars came up the drive and they both bought something. Not a lot, but it put another $2.50 in my pocket. LOL

Day 28 -- Another Valentine's Day Card

Forgot to post this last night...

I think this is the card my oldest son will be giving to his girlfriend. Hope so, because I don't know if I'll have a chance to make another one before Saturday!

I used a sketch in a Cafemom group for this and I heat embossed the hearts, for a couple different challenges in myspace groups. I used a Stampin' Up stamp from the "Priceless" stamp set -- LOVE that set! The stamping was for another challenge in another myspace group.

The paper is from the DCWV black and cream mat stack. I want to get the big 12x12 of that same stack. ALL the papers fabulous!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 27 -- Laundry UGH!

Been doing laundry all day today and I'm STILL not finished! Okay, so I let it build up a bit -- so it's my own fault -- but I just have to say that I really hate doing the laundry! If my washer was working properly, I wouldn't mind so much, but it requires constant tending to just get through a load.

The washer gives an error message whenever it is filling with water and I have to push the pause button and the start button several times before it 'kicks' in and does what it's supposed to do. Wash cycle AND rinse cycle and sometimes on spin this is required. Lately, it has problems staying balanced. I do my best to load the clothes in there in a way that they are balanced around the tub. I take them out during the spin cycle when it sounds unbalanced and again, place them in the tub in as balanced a manner as possible, but it sounds awful!

I guess I'm going to have to resort to calling a repairman....UGH!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 26 -- What a Piece of Junk! UPDATED 12/19/09

I bought this other day at JoAnn's. It is supposed to be a corner rounder that does two different sized corner rounds. Well, I have yet to get a single rounded corner of ANY size out of this thing! It seems simple enough to use, so I don't really think I am doing anything wrong. I'm taking it back to the store tomorrow and either they are going to teach me how to use it so that I can get nice rounded corners in two sizes or they are giving me my money AND my coupon back! UGH! I hate it when I buy stuff that doesn't work like it's supposed to! Grrrrrr!

UPDATE 12/19/09: Okay, I've been using this for a few months now and am having better luck with it. I have been told that there was a bad batch that went out and I may have one of them. I haven't called Fiskars about it though, because MOST of the time I can get good corners now. I just have to be sure the paper doesn't move away from the guide. The tiniest little slip and my corners will come out funky. Also, I tap the rounder on the table after rounding a corner to make sure the scrap falls out. It seems like if I let them build up inside it will mess up my corners. So, would I recommend this tool? Maybe...I love that it makes two sizes of corners, so less tools on my table, but I do wish it weren't so finicky and more reliable.

Day 25 -- Hub's Valentine's Day Card

I scraplifted this design from several scrappers over on sb.com! When I saw it I laughed out loud and I knew I had to make one for Hubs for V-Day! He will get such a kick out of this. Shhhhhh! Don't tell him -- I want it to be a surprise! ;p

Oh, yeah, I made this using mostly supplies received in the kit I posted for Day 23.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 24 -- Blackbirds

Last night I had the most vivid dream. I dreamed that the dogwoods were in bloom and I was excited because I had gotten the most amazing photo of a dogwood bloom. LOL I don't always put much stock into dreams, and it the dogwoods probably won't start blooming for a couple more weeks, but just because this dream was so darned vivid I made sure to take my camera with me when I ran errands today.

Well, I didn't see any blooming dogwoods trees, but I did see the migrating blackbirds, also know as grackles -- or so I'm told, gathering on the trees and power lines at many intersections. I snapped this shot while waiting for the traffic light to change.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 23 -- Lookie what the Postman Brought Me Today

What is it, you might ask? Why, it is a card kit for a swap I am in on Myspace. LOL I sent some card 'ingredients' to another swapper and yet another swapper sent me this kit with all different 'ingredients'. It is a fun way to end up trying new things.

Last year I was in a monthly layout kit swap and it was a lot of fun, but also challenging because almost always there were papers or some 'ingredient' in the kit that I just wasn't comfortable with for whatever reason. I really feel like the kit swaps helped me stretch a bit as a scrapper.

There are some fun things in this kit and I can't wait to dig in and start playing with it all! In fact, I think I'll do just that soon after I publish this post. :)

Day 22 -- What I'm Reading

As a scrapbooker I am fascinated by doodling! It seems like a great way to jazz up your layouts at little expense. I think doodling can add a fun element to layouts and cards and I really want to improve my doodling skills.

I can't draw for beans! Seriously! I suck! But this book is teaching me some tricks for how to overcome that lack. It's a great little book and I highly recommend it to anyone else interested in improving their doodling skills.

Day 21 -- What I'm Drinking

Yes, yes, I know I'm a couple days behind. I DID take this pic on the 4th, but didn't get around to downloading it from the camera until today. Anyway, on with the story...

One of my ongoing goals is to drink less Diet Dr. Pepper and more water. Well, I've been doing lousy at both! So, I have renewed my resolve to work harder at this goal. It is plain to me that I'm not quite ready to give up my DDP just yet, but I definitely need to drink more water....so, for now, I'm going to concentrate on the drinking more water part.

This is the plan:

  • No more than 3 cans of DDP a day -- hope to cut that back to 2 in a couple weeks...
  • Drink at least one bottle of water before drinking the first can of DDP.
  • Drink another bottle of water between each can of DDP
  • Drink at least 2 more bottles of water during the day.
This is the third day of this new plan and so far, so good.

Cutting back on the DDP is going to take a little more time and resolve, but I'll get there.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 20 -- Smile! You're On Candid Camera!

It just isn't fair! My son's girlfriend does not like having her picture taken! What's a scrapbooker to do? It just ain't fair, I tell ya! I really don't want to upset her or offend her, but part of being a scrapper is taking photos! I hope that as time goes on she will become more tolerant of the camera and my need to have pix to scrap. LOL It's either that or every picture of her in the albums will look like this one!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 19 -- C'est Moi

Yep, it's me!

Some other 365 bloggers have taken pix of themselves to kick of the beginning off their 365 blogging. Even though I've already been at this a couple weeks I think it is a good idea...so here is is -- my self-portrait. :)

Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 18 -- Wow! That was fast!

I think I made the last payment on the Durango on Monday and the title was in our mailbox on Saturday. I decided to wait and post it today. I am so excited to get this car paid off! See, my hubs promised the car to our oldest son a couple years ago. It is really HIS car, but we share it because I have no other wheels. So, this means I am a little closer to having my own car. My son is excited about that, too! LOL

It'll be awhile yet before I get my car, but at least we are one step closer! Whoo hoo!

Day 17 -- Mely

This is Mely. We've had her for, oh, I don't know, 8 years or so maybe? She can be so sweet when she wants to be, but much of the time she is just a PITA! LOL If she wasn't so sweet I probably would have gotten rid of her a long time ago. She pees on throw rugs and towels. She scratches on furniture. And she does this weird psycho thing where she just tears off running through the house like she is chasing something -- only there is nothing there! Spooky! She gets moody and doesn't want anyone to touch her or to even get near her, and then the next day she will be all over you wanting to be held and petted for hours on end. For a year and half or so she was terrified to go outside. We don't know why, but if you put her outside she would FREAK out trying to get back inside. It wasn't until Hurricane Ike and we left the windows and doors open pretty much 24/7 while the power was out that she started spending time outside again. She even ASKS to go outside a couple times a day now!

So that's Mely. She has her own personality -- that's for sure. She is a sweetheart -- a bit weird and disobedient at times, but a sweetheart all the same.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 16 -- Fun, Cheerful Flowers

Here are just some of the items that clutter my home...they are some silly flowers that were won at arcade games at Astro World in Houston and Circus Circus in Las Vegas.

I've actually tried getting rid of them several times, but they never quite make it out of the house because I have so many fun memories of going to those places with my boys and having a blast together! LOL These silly flowers always make me smile when I see them. They don't have a permanent 'home' and they definitely don't go with any of the decor in the house, and I really need to get rid of them because I just can't keep everything ! But just look at them! Look how cheerful they look! LOL

Well, now that I've taken a photo of them I can make a scrapbook page and maybe then I can finally part with them. They'll fnally have a place of their own -- in my scrapbook.

UPDATED: April 21, 2009
Well, I scrapped the pic, so can get rid of the flowers now! Here is the layout:

Day 15 -- Queen For A Month!

I am in a swap hosted in a myspace scrapping group where we each get to be "Queen" for that month. February is my month! Whoo Hoo!

What we do is send $10 of new scrapping goodies to the Queen of the Month. We supply them with a 'wish list' and they do their best to fulfill some of those wishes. There are about 10 women in this swap -- and it is a lot of fun!

It isn't even February yet and already my goodies are starting to arrive! This is a photo of the first of my Queen gifts (from more than one person). Can't wait to play!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 14 -- Grocery Game II

Here are the goodies from today's Grocery Game shopping excursion (not including produce, meat, dairy and frozen -- had to get them in the fridge).

Alas, I had too little sleep last night and too much to do today, so I am too pooped to detail the results. I will update this post with all the exciting details tomorrow.

Right now I am heading to dreamland. See ya!

Y'all come back, now! ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 13 -- Paid in Full

Hooray! We made the final payment on our 2003 Dodge Durango today! YES! One less bill to pay every month! HOORAY! Doin' the happy dance! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 12 -- UGH!

This is what I have to look forward to this week -- preparing the W-2's for our employees for 2008. This is a fairly simple task (one that would be even simpler if I could access Quickbooks on my sick computer), but it is one that I dread.

I really resent the IRS and all that it encompasses. The burden the IRS puts on small businesses is ridiculous. One either has to spend their valuable time or their valuable money jumping through the hoops the IRS demands. I don't know, but I truly resent the IRS. I resent how much money they take from us, the collective "us". I resent how poorly the government utilizes that money once the IRS collects it from us. I resent what a bulky, cumbersome and overgrown monster that the entire income tax system has become.


Anyway...I'll be filling out these forms for our employees and grumbling all the while about being forced to do such a mind-numbing task!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 11 -- Pokemon

I found this box today -- my son's old Pokemon collector box. He got it for Christmas one year full of cards. That same year he had a Pokemon party for his birthday. With a "Pin Pikachu to the Poster" game and other silly stuff. His birthday is the day after Christmas and because of this he gets a birthday tree (another story for another day LOL). That year Burger King was giving away this little orbs with Pokemon characters in them. I had collected as many as I could for weeks and those were hanging all over his Birthday Tree.

I also remember how terrified our cat was of the Pokemon slippers my son got for his birthday! Poor kitty -- he really thought those were gonna get him!

So many memories attached to this little box and the whole "Pokemon period" of my son's life that I just can't part with it. But it is just clutter right now. My son isn't interested in keeping it, but I can't quite part with it...part of me wants to alter it with pretty scrapbook papers and other goodies and use it for storing some of my scrappy supplies...part of me wants to pack it away somewhere where it will be discovered again a few years down the road and all those memories can be discovered again...maybe, if I could find pictures from that time in my son's life, I could turn it into some kind of mini-album for him...or maybe I should just print this out, put it in the box and pack it away just as it is....then again, it would make a cute altered box for storing journaling cards or some other scrappy goodies....mwahahahaha

So, what would YOU do? :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 10 -- Wallace the Elk

While my hubs would probably love to have a real elk head over the fireplace, I would not be thrilled at the idea. However, about 20 years ago I found this guy in K-Mart or Wal-Mart and just had to buy him. Something about having a fake stuffed elk appealed to my warped sense of humor. LOL

We didn't even have a fireplace back in those days, but he still hung prominently in our living room. Despite his prominent presence in our home all these years, we had never thought to name him until....

...A couple years ago, my son and I went to the Renaissance Fair and bought that tartan scarf. When we got home, it just seemed like the elk was the natural place to hang the scarf. Oh, by the way, that is the Wallace tartan -- and that is how the stuffed elk over the fireplace finally got his name -- Wallace the Elk.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 9 -- A Scrapbook Page

This is a scrapbook page I started a few days ago. I incorporated several challenges from myspace groups and scrapbook.com. When I first 'finished' it, it did not feel finished. But I did not know what to add. Then one of the DT members of one of the myspace groups posted a tutorial for dry embossing and issued a challenge to do some dry embossing on a layout. It took me a couple days to snap to it -- but eventually I realized that is what the layout needed -- a dry embossed border! LOL

I did all the dry embossing last night and took this picture this morning.

I used a stencil to make the stars in the corners and free hand doodled the confetti border. Then I sanded the raised areas and colored them with some light orange chalk. I had a blast doing this technique and in spite of all that orange, I am pleased with the way this layout turned out.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day -- 8 "Can You Hear Me Now?"

It all started when I read a scrapbook challenge posted over in the Myspace group "Scrapbook Challenges". The challenge is to make a small mini-album -- and the hostess of the challenge posted several examples. One of those examples was a cell phone mini-album! I loved the idea and so today I put my son to work ripping the guts out of his old Razor phone in anticipation of turning it into a mini-album! I just can't decide what theme to use for the album. Once I figure that out, I think it will go together pretty quickly. Suggestions?

Day 7 -- Sad

This is a 'life map' my son was asked to complete for an English class he is taking (prep work for writing a biographical essay). He was to use a few pictures on it...now here is the sad part, you'd never know this was the kid of an avid scrapbooker!

Look at the dearth of childhood pictures! LOL

Well, I might be an avid scrapbooker, but I am not an organized one! That is just sad! I do have pix of his childhood -- somewhere. Some of them are glued to scrapbook pages, but most are still in the packages the developer placed them in for me to bring home.

I am going to do something about it, not today, but soon. Gonna find all those random packets of pix I've been collecting for the past couple of decades and get them organized! Then if my kid wants a baby picture of himself I'll know right were to find it!

My digi pix are better organized, but could use some fine-tuning as well. Many of them have been saved to CD's in years gone by and those are not so organized -- I'llhave to find a way to know what pix are on what CD or burn all of one kid's pix to a CD or series of CDs or something...

Anyway, this was my pic for yesterday, Tuesday, January 20. It was my Grocery Game shopping day and then my lack of sleep over the past week caught up with me, so I did not get it taken or posted yesterday. Will be posting another for today later today.

Thanks for stopping by...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 6 -- The Grocery Game

If it's Monday then I'm probably poring over my Grocery Game shopping lists and coupon inserts from the Sunday paper in preparation for my stockpile shopping on Tuesday.

Does it take a lot of time? Not as much as it did in the beginning, now it takes maybe an hour or an hour and half, but considering the tremendous savings it is definitely time well spent. As time goes by it will likely take me even less time to prepare for shopping day. This is because I've adopted a system that works for me and also because the longer I do this the more groceries and non-food products I have stockpiled and the less coupons I need to find and clip and the less actual shopping I have to do AND -- best part -- the LESS MONEY I SPEND and the MORE MONEY I SAVE!

I LOVE the Grocery Game! Maybe tomorrow after I do my shopping I will post pix of my grocery receipts. Typically, right now, I am saving between 40 to 50 % every week! One week of shopping at just one store yields more than enough savings to pay for one cycle of membership to three lists (a cycle is 8 weeks, I think).

Why do the Grocery Game? Well, I can best answer that by asking another question: Why pay full price for something I KNOW I am going to be buying down the road anyway, when I can buy it at a significant savings today? When I need it, I will have it in cupboards. What kind of savings are we talking about here, one may ask...well, for instance, we eat canned soups...this week instead of paying $2.59 for a can of name brand premium soup, I can combine a sale with coupons and get FOUR cans for $3.00!!! So, why pay $2.59 a can when I can get it for 75 cents? Want another example? Name brand shave gel, normally sells for $3.69, but I will buy it tomorrow for 95 cents!!! That is a savings of 74%!!!! I can buy a name brand lip balm for 4 -- that's FOUR -- cents at a 97% savings. There are so many more items on my lists, these are just three random items I wanted to share to give some idea why I go to the 'trouble' -- it isn't trouble at all, it is actually very thrilling and a lot of FUN!

If you are interested, go to the Grocery Game website and check it out for yourself. You can sign up for a four week trial of all the stores that have lists in your area and it will only cost you a buck plus the cost of at least one Sunday paper each week.

If you do sign up, please tell them I recommended you -- send me an email and I'll let you know what email to give them so I can get credit (free weeks! Whoo hoo!)

Seriously though, I am not even posting this in hopes of getting 'recruiting credits' I just think it is the most valuable, and instantly rewarding money-saving tool I've come across in a long, long time and I want to share my excitement and enthusiasm.

In addition, the Grocery Game is such a significant part of my life right now that it seemed like a natural P365 topic to me. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Day 5 -- Twilight

Soon, I will be joining the throngs of women who have become enamored with this book and its characters. I just have to see for myself what all the fuss is about...

First it was women at church -- these are normally sensible women, they're well educated, talented women not normally prone to gushing. Yet when I'd ask them what was so great about these books, these very smart, talented women would get wide-eyed with excitement and gush, "Oh, you HAVE to read them!"

I tried finding out why I had to read them, but not one of those women could give me a good reason, only more of the same gushing, claiming the writing was compelling, but no real reasons as to WHY it was so compelling. When the movie was coming out there were many, many emails and their excitement over the movie was almost tangible.

I remained puzzled.

Then that same, mysterious phenomenon I call "Twilight Mania" hit the homeschoolers in my social circle -- both in real life and online...again, these very intelligent, capable women could not give me any idea what was so great about these books other than to say, "Well, they're like a romance novel, but without any sex and they're just really, really well-written." Okay, well that was something, but still not enough to make me want to bother reading the books. I'm not a big fan of romance novels in the first place, so it wasn't a compelling argument to me.

THEN, the scrapbookers in the online communities I frequent started buzzing about these books and the movie...and they also seemed unable to give me some REAL reasons why they loved these books so much! FINALLY, one woman was able to give me a great review of the books and her review has convinced me it will be worth my time and money to read the books.

I have the first book -- found it at Target it was the only copy in paperback in the store, and yes, the cover was damaged like that already, but it was 3 dollars cheaper than the trade copies and about 10 bucks cheaper than the hard copy and what do I care if the cover is marred? LOL It's gonna look worse than that by the time I get done with it -- I'm pretty hard on paperbacks.

They didn't have any of the other books in paperback or trade copies, only hard cover and I really don't want to spend $14 bucks per book, so will have to wait until I can find paperback or trade copies.

I've been warned that I'm going to want to have the other books at hand so I can read them one after the other....so I'm waiting until I can find the other three books in paperback before I start. I'm trolling the local Walmarts tomorrow...

I really hope these books live up to all this hype -- all these smart and talented women can't be wrong, right? They gotta be that good, right? Well, time will tell...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 4 -- It Sucks!

And that's a good thing! LOL

This is my new vacuum cleaner that I got for Christmas. It was the only thing I really wanted (besides a new freezer, maybe I'll get that for Valentine's Day -- yes, I'm weird like that. Don't give me diamonds -- give me appliances! LOL).

I wanted a vacuum cleaner that would go from carpet to bare floors and back to carpet again without a lot of hassle or having to practically rebuild the machine every time I change rooms. LOL

It also had to have on-board attachments and it had to be powerful.

After much researching online I decided this was 'the one'...and it is! I love it! The only complaint I have so far is that the hose for the attachments is way too short, but it came with a couple extension pipes, so I guess it will do.

Well, without further ado, here it is!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 3 -- Sock-It-to-Me Cake

I have a surplus of cake mixes and some of them are nearly out of date. Combine that with the fact that it is cold outside and I wanted an excuse to use the oven and you will find me deciding it is a great time to bake a cake!

I take the yellow cake mix out of the cupboard and as I'm doing so, I am thinking that the reason I don't bake cakes more often is because we rarely will ever eat a whole pan of cake with frosting. I decide to check the box for recipes and see one for Sock-It-to-Me cake.

Now, hubby will buy one of those almost every time he is in a grocery store --so I knew it would get eaten!

Sure enough, it's already half gone! LOL (I should take another picture. LOL)


EDIT: Okay, I just had to take some pix of the cake once it was cut and half gone in order to tell the whole story...at this rate this cake will be gone by lunch tomorrow. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 2 -- Wagon Wheel

Today is a two-fer...well two versions of the same pic. One in Color:

And the other in Black and White -- I can't decide which version I like better:

No real story behind this one -- well, yeah, I guess there is... When we sold a house in Wyoming my husband brought these wagon wheels back to our home in Texas. They've been moved around the place in search of a 'home', and at the moment are edging a small patio area behind the house. Despite the weeds, they look pretty nice there. ;p


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 1 -- A Favorite Snack

Popcorn has always been one of my favorite snacks. When we were kids we would cook it in a pot on top of the stove. Once in a great while we'd get a thing of Jiffy Pop -- we thought we were livin' high on the hog then! LOL One thing of Jiffy Pop never lasted long with 5 or so kids though...and we usually burned it anyway -- so cooking it in a pot was really better.

In my early 30's I tried to be more health conscious and bought an air popper. Well, I don't care how much butter I'd put on it, it never tasted right, it just got soggy. UGH! So, nowadays, it is microwave popcorn. If I could, I'd eat it every day, but I limit this treat to no more than once a week, and here lately it's more like just once or twice a month.

One of these days I'm going to have to show my boys how we used to pop corn back in the 'olden days'! LOL I'll be sure and take pix! ;p

Project 365

Is a challenge to take a photo everyday for 365 days. I will post them here along with a little explanation as to why I took that photoe. I also hope to scrapbook some of the pix during the year. Some of the pix might even be of stuff I scrapbook! LOL