Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 5 -- Twilight

Soon, I will be joining the throngs of women who have become enamored with this book and its characters. I just have to see for myself what all the fuss is about...

First it was women at church -- these are normally sensible women, they're well educated, talented women not normally prone to gushing. Yet when I'd ask them what was so great about these books, these very smart, talented women would get wide-eyed with excitement and gush, "Oh, you HAVE to read them!"

I tried finding out why I had to read them, but not one of those women could give me a good reason, only more of the same gushing, claiming the writing was compelling, but no real reasons as to WHY it was so compelling. When the movie was coming out there were many, many emails and their excitement over the movie was almost tangible.

I remained puzzled.

Then that same, mysterious phenomenon I call "Twilight Mania" hit the homeschoolers in my social circle -- both in real life and online...again, these very intelligent, capable women could not give me any idea what was so great about these books other than to say, "Well, they're like a romance novel, but without any sex and they're just really, really well-written." Okay, well that was something, but still not enough to make me want to bother reading the books. I'm not a big fan of romance novels in the first place, so it wasn't a compelling argument to me.

THEN, the scrapbookers in the online communities I frequent started buzzing about these books and the movie...and they also seemed unable to give me some REAL reasons why they loved these books so much! FINALLY, one woman was able to give me a great review of the books and her review has convinced me it will be worth my time and money to read the books.

I have the first book -- found it at Target it was the only copy in paperback in the store, and yes, the cover was damaged like that already, but it was 3 dollars cheaper than the trade copies and about 10 bucks cheaper than the hard copy and what do I care if the cover is marred? LOL It's gonna look worse than that by the time I get done with it -- I'm pretty hard on paperbacks.

They didn't have any of the other books in paperback or trade copies, only hard cover and I really don't want to spend $14 bucks per book, so will have to wait until I can find paperback or trade copies.

I've been warned that I'm going to want to have the other books at hand so I can read them one after the I'm waiting until I can find the other three books in paperback before I start. I'm trolling the local Walmarts tomorrow...

I really hope these books live up to all this hype -- all these smart and talented women can't be wrong, right? They gotta be that good, right? Well, time will tell...

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  1. I almost bought the paper back version of this book at Barnes & Nobele the other day.


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