Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 3 -- Sock-It-to-Me Cake

I have a surplus of cake mixes and some of them are nearly out of date. Combine that with the fact that it is cold outside and I wanted an excuse to use the oven and you will find me deciding it is a great time to bake a cake!

I take the yellow cake mix out of the cupboard and as I'm doing so, I am thinking that the reason I don't bake cakes more often is because we rarely will ever eat a whole pan of cake with frosting. I decide to check the box for recipes and see one for Sock-It-to-Me cake.

Now, hubby will buy one of those almost every time he is in a grocery store --so I knew it would get eaten!

Sure enough, it's already half gone! LOL (I should take another picture. LOL)


EDIT: Okay, I just had to take some pix of the cake once it was cut and half gone in order to tell the whole this rate this cake will be gone by lunch tomorrow. :)

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