Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 29 -- The Garage Sale Pile

Over the years I have accumulated so much STUFF that it is really time to let some of it go! Some of it I inherited from my MIL's house when she sold it a couple years back and some of it I have just grown tired of and want it to go to good homes.

This photo shows just a portion of what I'm putting in my garage sale tomorrow. There are three silk trees aka dust catchers! Several sets of king sized sheets (does anyone really need more than two sets? I don't think so)! Various kitchen appliances, a vacuum cleaner, some baskets, candles, artificial flowers and other household items going in this sale. Plus one entertainment center.

This is just phase one of my garage sale 'project'. There will be at least two more sales. One will feature homeschool stuff and the other craft materials and Christmas decorations! (Plus whatever Hubs pulls out of the garage and outbuildings that he wants to sell).

Wish me luck on Phase One of the Garage Sale Project. LOL

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Made 70 dollars and change today! What a thrill to make money AND rid my home of some of the suffocating clutter!

I sold all four sets of sheets, the vacuum cleaner, a floor cleaner that I'd forgotten I wanted to get rid of, one of the silk trees, a chair and a bunch of little stuff. Still have quite a bit left though. What I don't sell will be donated to Good Will -- it is NOT coming back into the house.

Here is a pic of the sale at the end of the day -- hope I have another good day tomorrow.

EDIT 2/14 -- Grand total is about $105!!! Not bad for a bunch of stuff that I didn't want or need! Sold almost everything! What is left is loaded in the car and I'm about to leave for Goodwill. Funny thing is though -- just as I put the last box in the car, two cars came up the drive and they both bought something. Not a lot, but it put another $2.50 in my pocket. LOL

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