Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 11 -- Pokemon

I found this box today -- my son's old Pokemon collector box. He got it for Christmas one year full of cards. That same year he had a Pokemon party for his birthday. With a "Pin Pikachu to the Poster" game and other silly stuff. His birthday is the day after Christmas and because of this he gets a birthday tree (another story for another day LOL). That year Burger King was giving away this little orbs with Pokemon characters in them. I had collected as many as I could for weeks and those were hanging all over his Birthday Tree.

I also remember how terrified our cat was of the Pokemon slippers my son got for his birthday! Poor kitty -- he really thought those were gonna get him!

So many memories attached to this little box and the whole "Pokemon period" of my son's life that I just can't part with it. But it is just clutter right now. My son isn't interested in keeping it, but I can't quite part with it...part of me wants to alter it with pretty scrapbook papers and other goodies and use it for storing some of my scrappy supplies...part of me wants to pack it away somewhere where it will be discovered again a few years down the road and all those memories can be discovered again...maybe, if I could find pictures from that time in my son's life, I could turn it into some kind of mini-album for him...or maybe I should just print this out, put it in the box and pack it away just as it is....then again, it would make a cute altered box for storing journaling cards or some other scrappy goodies....mwahahahaha

So, what would YOU do? :)


  1. I would keep it as is. It's a treasure just the way it is. Store it back away and stumble into it again later.

  2. Yeah, that is what I think I'm going to do. I'll print out this blog entry and put it in the box and if I come across any pictures or old Pokemon cards, I'll tuck them in the box, too. One day, I hope, my son will be delighted to discover that I kept this little treasure box. :)


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