Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 16 -- Fun, Cheerful Flowers

Here are just some of the items that clutter my home...they are some silly flowers that were won at arcade games at Astro World in Houston and Circus Circus in Las Vegas.

I've actually tried getting rid of them several times, but they never quite make it out of the house because I have so many fun memories of going to those places with my boys and having a blast together! LOL These silly flowers always make me smile when I see them. They don't have a permanent 'home' and they definitely don't go with any of the decor in the house, and I really need to get rid of them because I just can't keep everything ! But just look at them! Look how cheerful they look! LOL

Well, now that I've taken a photo of them I can make a scrapbook page and maybe then I can finally part with them. They'll fnally have a place of their own -- in my scrapbook.

UPDATED: April 21, 2009
Well, I scrapped the pic, so can get rid of the flowers now! Here is the layout:

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  1. I just saw a rerun of Wife Swap on Lifetime and one girl had these same flowers in her bedroom. They are happy little things aren't they?

    On the IPhone, my DH was dead set on getting one. I really didn't want him to. Our bill increased to $30.00 more a month. I guess I have to cut back on scrapping goodies.


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