Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 27 -- Laundry UGH!

Been doing laundry all day today and I'm STILL not finished! Okay, so I let it build up a bit -- so it's my own fault -- but I just have to say that I really hate doing the laundry! If my washer was working properly, I wouldn't mind so much, but it requires constant tending to just get through a load.

The washer gives an error message whenever it is filling with water and I have to push the pause button and the start button several times before it 'kicks' in and does what it's supposed to do. Wash cycle AND rinse cycle and sometimes on spin this is required. Lately, it has problems staying balanced. I do my best to load the clothes in there in a way that they are balanced around the tub. I take them out during the spin cycle when it sounds unbalanced and again, place them in the tub in as balanced a manner as possible, but it sounds awful!

I guess I'm going to have to resort to calling a repairman....UGH!

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